Why Should You Avoid Skipping Your Medications?


Have you ever experimented with missing one or two doses of your prescription or over-the-counter medications? This may not have harmed you, but if you continue to skip your dosages for any reason, you may encounter issues in the future.

As a trustworthy  pharmacy, we’d like to share some of the reasons why you should avoid skipping medications:

You Might Miss Out on the Best Opportunity

If you are using pain relievers for arthritis, it is recommended to start taking them as soon as your symptoms appear. They are most effective at this time. If you don’t, your pain flare-ups may be more difficult to control.

Do you have asthma? If you use your inhaler after it’s too late, you may not be able to avoid irritated airways.
Major Complications Could Occur

Your doctor prescribed you prescription drugs for a purpose. It is intended to assist you in managing your medical condition. For example, if you don’t take your hypertension medication on time, you’ll have a higher chance of stroke, kidney failure, or a heart attack.

Your treatment may be ineffective.

Have you been given antibiotics? If you don’t finish them all, your infection may last longer or, worse, return. Remember that your body can develop resistance to antibiotics, so you should continue to take them even if you feel fine.

Graceland Pharmacy & Medical Supply will assist you avoid skipping a dose of your prescriptions! Medication refills, prescription management, and other services are available at our Land O Lakes, Florida pharmacy. Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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